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Customer Care Dashboard

Telecom marketing, a realm of fierce competition and constant innovation, often leaves companies seeking the elusive understanding of customer desires. In this blog post, I'm thrilled to recount a data analysis endeavor where I harnessed the power of Power BI to create an insightful dashboard. Through this project, I delved into a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics, shedding light on the telecom landscape's intricacies.

Project Overview: Embarking on this journey, I set out to craft a comprehensive Power BI dashboard. This dashboard aimed to encapsulate a range of KPIs and metrics, allowing for a deep dive into customer interactions and operational efficiency.

Dashboard Craftsmanship: The creation of the Power BI dashboard became my canvas for data storytelling. Utilizing a variety of visualization techniques, I curated an experience that could cater to a diverse audience, from the technically savvy to those less familiar with data intricacies.

Key Insights and Metrics:

  1. Customer Sentiment: An essential KPI was gauging customer satisfaction. Through interactive visuals, I showcased the trajectory of customer sentiment, enabling viewers to discern patterns and trends that influenced satisfaction levels.

  2. Calls Analysis: The dashboard featured an intricate analysis of call-related metrics. Visualizing parameters such as calls answered, abandoned, and their distribution over time, I provided a nuanced understanding of peak call hours and service demand.

  3. Speed of Service: Average speed of answer emerged as a pivotal factor in customer experience. By visualizing this metric, I empowered viewers to grasp the efficiency of call center operations and make informed decisions accordingly.

  4. Agent Performance Quadrant: A standout feature was the Agent Performance Quadrant. Using a scatter plot, I mapped an agent's average handle time against calls answered. This visualization enabled stakeholders to identify top-performing agents and areas for improvement.

In the dynamic realm of telecom marketing, data-driven insights are the compass guiding strategic decisions. My Power BI dashboard offered a window into these insights, aiding businesses in understanding customer behavior and optimizing operations.

This project underscored the transformative potential of data analysis and visualization tools like Power BI. Through visual storytelling, I empowered businesses to make impactful decisions. As I reflect on this endeavor, I am reminded of the immense value that data exploration can bring to businesses, and I eagerly anticipate further opportunities to unravel insights that drive growth and innovation. To view the above report on Power BI, please click on the below link


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