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Employees Attrition Analysis

Introduction: In the domain of data analysis, each project becomes a voyage of discovery and revelation. This blog post shares my experience with a Power BI data analysis project undertaken as part of a comprehensive course. Through this endeavor, the intricacies of HR analytics were explored, utilizing the capabilities of Power BI to extract valuable insights from employee data.

1. Data Modeling and Exploratory Data Analysis The journey commenced by immersing into the realm of data modeling and exploratory data analysis. Armed with Power BI, diverse HR datasets were brought into the platform, meticulously connecting them to establish a cohesive data model. This phase marked the cornerstone for subsequent analyses.

  • Utilizing HR Analytics in Power BI: Skills were honed by working with HR data, adeptly manipulating and transforming it within Power BI.

  • Seamless Loading of CSVs: CSV files were seamlessly imported, simplifying the process of integrating data.

  • Creation of Date Dimension and Establishment of Relating Tables: Relationships between tables were forged, and a date dimension was established, critical for time-based analysis.

  • Exploration of the Data: Initial exploratory data analysis was conducted, unveiling underlying general HR trends.

2. Analyzing Demographics and Performance Venturing deeper, the power of DAX was harnessed to extract nuanced insights and formulate custom visuals for an encompassing HR report.

  • Deriving Demographics Insights: DAX was employed to unearth insights concerning employee demographics, encompassing age, gender, marital status, and ethnicity.

  • Crafting the Performance Tracker: A two-part journey was undertaken, employing DAX to analyze performance metrics and deducing valuable insights.

  • Personalized Insight Extraction: The data was probed to extract insights pertinent to individual employees, exemplified by the case of Estelle.

3. Bringing it All Together The final phase centered on delivering actionable insights on employee attrition and refining the overall report's layout.

  • Creation of a Cohesive Report: A comprehensive report was curated, interweaving insights from previous chapters into a coherent narrative.

  • Analysis of Attrition: Data was harnessed to fathom and communicate the factors exerting influence on employee attrition.

  • Designing Layout and Applying Theme: The report's layout was fine-tuned, ensuring user-friendliness and a branded experience.

  • Implementing Page Navigation: Intuitive page navigation features were integrated, enhancing the report's usability.

The journey through this Power BI data analysis project was an enriching experience, highlighting the potential of data-driven insights. From the initial stages of data modeling to the extraction of intricate HR trends, this project underscored the transformative capacity of data analysis tools. As this project is integrated into the portfolio, it serves as a reminder of the boundless opportunities inherent in data exploration. The anticipation of applying these skills to unveil insights that shape decisions and drive growth is palpable.


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